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Our Association

The story of the Association “A better Romanian world starts in 2009, when the founder Gera Verrips identified two issues of the Romanian social services; the lack of specialized services for the institutionalized brothers and sisters who are living separated (in different children homes) and who are growing up without knowing each other. And the lack of enough and good support for individuals, families and groups in need.

After a collaboration of 3 years with an Dutch-Romanian association (2006-2009), Gera started her own association in 2009: first in the Netherlands- “Stichting Een betere Roemeense wereld” (april 2009) and then also in Romania - “Asociatia O lume mai buna-Romania” (Association A better Romanian world, June 2009).

The main purpose of the association is reforming disadvantaged people`s lives in a structurally way, concerns with individuals, families and groups that live in difficult circumstances. The organization works by Christian principles and doesn`t make any difference in age, gender, religion, origin or background.

The Dutch part of association takes care of fundraising (money, materials, food supplies) + Public Relations and the Romanian association takes care about the social projects and distributing the relief supplies.

Our projects

Home for all

The main project of the association is “the home for all” and is meant to bring together siblings that have been separated and live in different children homes. Children that come from difficult family situations affected by poverty, abuse, severe alcohol influence and sickness also benefit of this program. In Romania the children from one family are separated from different reasons: age, gender, insufficient social homes, where they could live together. The result is always the same: they grow up without knowing each other, without the love and affection of a family.

Understanding the importance of the relation between siblings Gera started the “Home for all” project or how we like to call it “A family week-end”. The “Home for all project” hosts by turn groups of 7 brothers and sisters. Every six weeks they spend the week-end together in the project house to enjoy a family environment through the activities and the people involved in it. Because we want to offer them stability in their troubled lives we keep in touch with them also between those weekends by visiting them, writing them postcards, phoning them or through social media.

On this moment the associations works with two groups of six children each and keeps in touch with a number of 14 children who are no longer part of the project for different reasons: they are back with their families, they started their own family…

Meal with the elderly

The second project of the association is ment to bring some joy in the lives of the elderly, lonely and sick people in Codlea. The social network of elderly, slowly fades away when the children leaves, the partner and other friends dies, or when they become ill. All those aspects lead to the social isolation of the individual.

Through this project, the association offers socialization alternatives to a number of 24 elderly, all from Codlea. The main activities of the project are: home visits; discussions with each person so we can identify their needs and answer it properly. Every month a meal together with the other elderly from the project and excursions like visit to a restaurant, picnic or a one day field trips. In this way the elderly get together, talk, are listened and manage to defeat the social isolation.

Relief supplies

This project is ment to offer support in a structural way to individuals, families and disadvantaged social groups. Periodically the association receives form Netherlands humanitarian transports consisting: medical supplies, school supplies, clothes, toys, food, etc. The goods are selected by Dutch volunteers and in Romania arrive only the goods that are from good quality and that are useful. We don't receive damaged things or expired products. The transports are brought to Romania by our sponsor DB Schenker.

Some of the goods we receive are used for the projects of the association. Most of it are donated to the poor families from Codlea or to Romanian associations/institutions like the Hospital in Codlea, schools and kindergarten from Codlea and the Neuro-pshychiatric Hospital from Mina 1 Mai. A volunteer takes care about spreading the goods. He knows the situation of the families and their evolution.