For our projects and the work in Codlea we need, beside money, also supplies transport and „helping hands”.


New materials, but also second hand materials are welcomed if they are in good condition. Also, promotional materials and opened packages. The only exceptions are: expired food and materials that are promoting alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or that have sexually suggestive texts on them.

The supplies on this list we need most urgent but, beside that, also other supplies are welcomed. If you are not sure if we need something please contact us (in Romanian, English or Dutch); call us; 0040758103177 or send an e-mail to: olumemaibunaro@yahoo.com

The supplies that we need the most at this moment:

Development materials

Instruments (toys), games and toys that appeal to your balance, construction materials as Playmobil, Lego, K’nexx.

Laptops and tablets, school supplies, handcraft materials, sport supplies, materials for kindergartens such as: plastic animals, play-shop and supplies, doctor-set, play dough...

Medical supplies

Shutters, stools, walking sticks, foldable wheelchairs, diapers for adults and children. Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, betadine, soap and soap dispensers. Small materials for physiotherapy/kinesiotherapy

Supplies for babies and children

Buggies, baby beds, clothes and shoes, bottles, diapers, schoolbags and school supplies, toys, games, strollers

Personal care

Deodorant, shampoo, gel, shower gel, hair spray, hand creme


Canned foods or jars such as vegetables / fruits / meat, flour, macaroni, baking powder, vanilla, sugar, oil, salt, dried fruits and seeds, cereals, candies, chocolate, biscuits, etc.


  • Toys and other materials as plastic bags and candies that can be used for Christmas presents
  • Garden decorations
  • Small gifts for our elderly (14 persons)
  • Laundry baskets and storage bins
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Etc.

Helping hands...

We are always looking for people that would like to start and to lead a group (in any country) for raising funds for our projects. For more information call us at 004075813177 or send an e-mail to; olumemaibunaro@yahoo.com

We are also looking for a person who can make a short promotional movie from the many pictures that we have. We're looking for a volunteer who wants to make this film in collaboration with Gera. For information: Gera Alexe-Verrips: Mobile: 0040-758103177 E-mail: olumemaibunaro@yahoo.com

Also, we are open for any practical help in Romania. We had already volunteers from churches that organized children-activities or that did easy construction work. We had volunteers who came over to visit our elderly and also, we had students. We have also supervised several interns during their internship. If interested please contact Gera: mobile: 0040-758103177 E-mail: olumemaibunaro@yahoo.com


All the help supplies that we get in Beesd, The Netherlands has to be transported to Codlea, Romania. We are looking for sponsors for every m3 of help supplies. To send a m³ currently costs € 50 and normally we send 16 m³ which is cheaper, it costs € 600.

We are looking for sponsors / companies that want to transport several cubic meters of supplies to Codlea, Romania at their expense. Every m³ that is brought for free to Codlea is a great help for us. For information: Gera Alexe-Verrips: Mobile: 0040-758103177 E-mail: olumemaibunaro@yahoo.com